BD-4 Experimental Aircraft Community Site

Did you come for information about the experimental aircraft BD-4? Then welcome! There are other sites that you may want to visit as well:

  • – our discussion forum/mailing list
  • – Jim Bede’s company, selling kits and parts
  • – the former implementation of this site, and it still contains most of the content
  • – Dave Anderson’s site

This site was created, and is maintained, by fellow BD-4 builders and owners. We are not associated with the Bede Corp. To inquire about kits and parts, please contact the Bede Corp.

With its almost 40 year history, there is a wealth of information available for the builders and owners of this aircraft. We are trying to present it here. If you are a builder, or you bought a BD-4, go through this stuff. You can learn from so many mistakes one or more of us have made in the past.

Surprisingly, even after 40 years, and the arrival of new materials and building methods, the BD-4 is still a valid choice for it’s target mission profile. Here are the main reason to build a BD-4:

  • Factory and community support
  • Relatively easy to build
  • Good utility value: 800+ pounds of useful weight, 4 seats (the two in the back are somewhat tight)
  • Fast: cleaned-up BD-4s fly 170 kts (true) on 180HP
  • Proven design with numerous modifications and design improvements that were developed in 35+ years of building and flying
  • Long range: fuel tanks can be set up for 80 gal and more for a 1000 miles+ range.
  • Relatively inexpensive to build, if built from plans, or if you find an unfinished kit
  • Multiple engine configurations were successfully demonstrated, from a 160 HP O-320 up to a 465 HP V8 auto conversion.
  • The fuselage can be built with an extension, making the BD-4 a real hauler.

To learn more about the BD-4 refer to the FAQ list.